Magicbrew founder Rebecca Parnell is a BAFTA Award winning Sound Designer, having worked with sound for 22 years on over 50 titles covering the most popular platforms of the time.


Rebecca has judged for the prestigious BAFTA Games Awards and the Music and Sound Awards, and guest lectured at the National Film and Television School and London College of Communication (part of UAL)


Rebecca started her career in game audio 20 years ago working as a Sound Designer for the Richard Joseph at Pinewood Studios, producing sounds for many developers including Sensible Software and Bullfrog. She moved on to work in-house at VIS entertainment, Criterion Games and Outerlight before going freelance in 2007, and in 2009 launched her company Magicbrew, working with developers Natural Motion, Space Ape, Hello Games, Wonderstruck, Microsoft, King.com and more. Rebecca's career has in the last few years branched out to include film too.


When Rebecca is not working she is often out exploring with her recording kit collecting great sounds.  Whether that’s in the streets of her home city London, the Brazilian jungles, the markets of Marrakesh or visiting a hill top tribe in Laos to identify bird calls, she is always keen to explore the aural world.




Joe Raeburn

Product Owner at Space Ape Games

Rebecca made all of the SFX for our first four games at Space Ape Games (including Samurai Siege and Transformers: Earth Wars). Rebecca not only gave us great sounds, but came up with innovative ways to implement them to optimise for filesize, performance, and quality. You need a special mindset to be able to get the most out of audio on a mobile game, and Rebecca has it.


Jason Perry
Grammy winning -Songwriter & Record Producer / Music-Tech Consultancy.

Rebecca is a fantastic professional who always delivers and hits the brief and beyond. She can make sense out of the brief and hit the nail on the head. Rebecca always hits the tightest deadline and is incredibly organised and on it. Rebecca has a huge understanding of under the hood audio programming and a good imagination for sounds and how they're implemented. She's a pleasure to work with.



Richard Jacques

Lead Composer / Creative Director at Richard Jacques Studios

I have worked with Rebecca on a number of projects over the past few years. She is a highly experienced Sound Designer, and truly lives and breathes her work. Rebecca is very good at nailing a brief, even in short deadlines, and she always delivers the goods on time and on budget. Rebecca is also pleasure to work with on a personal level and a real team player.


Steven Grimley-Taylor

Audio Lead, Relentless Software

Rebecca brings a wealth of creative experience with her. She built an instant rapport with the team and could be relied upon to be calm, enthusiastic and productive regardless of time constraints or pressure. Working with Rebecca is easy, enjoyable and results in rich and satisfying audio experiences. I look forward to working with you again Rebecca!


Babak Anvari

Director  of ’Two & Two’

Hard working, creative, with great ear for sound and music. Very persistent in solving problems – Rebecca likes a good challenge and she does not give up easily.


Ian Fielding

Writer & Director

Rebecca has an astonishing grasp of sound and sonic qualities that marks her out as a true specialist in her field. She has an acute ear, patience and a perceptive grasp of acoustic details that, combined with a creative instinct and original ideas, elevate what she does to the highest parameters. Rebecca is a resourceful expert not only in software workstations but in a multitude of sound recording devices. Her projects are always infused with the passion that she clearly feels about her work.



Chris Peck

Managing Director, Outerlight

I have worked with Rebecca for over 5 years, and she has a number of invaluable assets which make her a great person to work with; a passion for audio and for the games industry, dedication, diligence, and high standards, as well as good teamwork and communication skills. Due to her ability to deliver SFX, ambient sounds, music, and voice over we have been able to rely on her with utter confidence to be a one stop shop for all our audio needs, and she always produces excellent results. If you need audio, look no further!


Roland Heap

Director, Sound Disposition

Rebecca is a master voice director – we’ve now worked together on a couple of games and she has always got fantastic results from her cast – I can’t recommend her highly enough!



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