Zynga / Natural Motion’s Dawn of Titans


Dawn of Titans is an EPIC strategy game for mobile devices. Fight battles with thousands of troops and colossal titans! Made to the highest production standards with stunning graphics, music and sound design. Our highlights are detailed foley to titan mo-cap animations, bespoke weapon sound recordings, bespoke troop recordings with a group of actors for unique battle cries and responses that vary with the different races, sound design and mix provided for the launch trailer and teaser trailers. The music was composed by Richard Jacques, a rich array of orchestral music from a gripping battle score to beautiful and awe-inspiring homelands. Dawn of Titans has been nominated for the Best Handheld Audio category at the Game Audio Network Guild Awards 2017 held at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.




Wonderstuck's Boundless


Delighted to share with you this voxel procedural sandbox game that we've been working on since the summer. It has been so much fun crafting the sound and to see the game come together. The beautiful music is written by composer Peter Gregson, with the music on the trailer recorded and mixed at Air Studios.



Space Ape/Hasbro : Transformers Earth Wars:


This is our third game providing sound design for Space Ape Games - our highlights have been recreating the original iconic transforming sound from G1 cartoons, editing and applying effect to Peter Cullen's voice over for Optimus Prime and Frank Welker's Megatron and Soundwave (yes the original actors), also loved doing the sounds for the space bridge, showroom and the lasers... lots of lasers *pew pew* We also provided sound design and mix for the launch trailer, teaser trailer and TV advertisement. Transformers Earth Wars won Game of the Year at TIGA Awards 2016 and nominated for the Audio Design category too.



Space Ape : Rival Kingdoms


We provided full sound design and voice services to this addictive mobile RTS game. When released on iOS App Store earlier this year it was Editor’s Choice and had over a million downloads on just the first week of release! The game is now experiencing a similar story of success on the Android release. The music is composed by Richard Jacques, and the story is written by Rhianna Pratchett.

Rival Kingdom won Game of the Year at the TIGA Awards 2015




Alex Crowley’s The Busker


We’ve provided full sound design services for this promo scene, working with the superb Universal  Sound foley studio. Music composed by Richard Jacques and whistling performed by the brilliant Whistling Inferno.


Microsoft /Lift London


Working over 8 months in 2014 with the excellent Jason Perry, providing sound design for Lift London’s game project.


King.com : Farm Heroes & Pepper Panic


We provided full sound design to these 2 addictive match 3 puzzle games.


Microsoft / Zoe Mode’s Powerstar Golf

Rebecca worked on-site for 2 months helping complete the audio on this colourful Xbox One launch title.


Ubisoft / Future Games of London’s Little Raider


Provided full sound design for this charming iOS and Android RTS game.


Hello Games’s Joe Danger and Joe Danger The Movie

Worked with Hello Games on their super-charged- fantastic PS3 and Xbox 360 titles, providing full sound design and music services.


Slot Machines : Houdini Video

We provided Sound Design on a number of Slot Machine games for Gamesys.


Microsoft / Relentless Software’s Kinect Nat Geo 1 & 2

Worked for the best part of a year with Relentless Software providing sound design for their innovative 2-way-TV games.


Babak Anvari’s Two and Two

Provided sound design to Babak’s moving and thought provoking short film. It was nominated for Best Short in the BAFTA Awards 2012.


Nominated for Best Short in the BAFTA Awards 2012

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